Cheaters (almost) never win

One question we get a lot is:  "When are you going to clean those dirty rotten cheat times out of the Hydro Thunder Leaderboards?"

Well my friends, the time of reckoning is at hand.  

We just tested the clean-o-matic code on Partner Net, which is the internal Xbox LIVE test network at Microsoft.  And it works, so now we're applying for a certificate to let us make changes to the real Leaderboards.

Sorry it's taken so long.  You'd think maybe the ability to edit or clean the Leaderboards would be something that Microsoft would include in its standard XBLA tools.  But you'd be wrong.  

Every developer needs to roll their own solution, and we've been busy with other stuff, like working on new game concepts.  And eating nachos.

But thanks in large part to some incredibly generous support from the guys at Red Lynx, we have broken through to the other side, and are now prepared to unleash the cleansing fires of justice.

Cheaters, you had your day in the sun.  But that day is over.  Your ill-begotten times will not stand!

Now about those nachos...