Currently in it's 5th rev, Vector Unit's proprietary cross platform development game engine has enabled us to scale remarkably well for such a teeny tiny company.  Vector Engine tools include a game editor with a visual scripting language, Maya exporter plugins, and of course lots of programmer magic. 

Currently the Vector Engine supports build creation for:  Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Win32 and Windows 8.1 (PC/Phone).   Historically the engine also supported Xbox 360 and BlackBerry 10.

A few of the great 3rd party tools and SDKs we've used to make our job just a little bit easier.


Got SVN? There are a number of solutions out there for source control, but we've found Subversion works great for us across multiple platforms, with onsite and offsite contributors. And we love Tortoise's easy to use feature set. PerWHAT?


THE audio engine for indie devs.

Bullet Physics Library

We're all about Bullet here at the Unit. Amazing feature set, and unmatched community support.

Crazy Bump

Puny humans love us some Crazy Bump. On top of being an amazing tool for quickly creating sweet looking material sets, creator Ryan Clark is super supportive of small developers.

Who knew websites could be so easy? We like.