If a tree falls and nobody hears it...

I understand that running a gaming website is a lot of work.  There are thousands of new titles coming out every year, each one clamoring for coverage, hoping to snag a spot on your front page, a review, a preview.  Each one wanting a little special attention.  

But man -- getting coverage for a small game, when you're running a small company, is hard.  If you're reading this, you already know that we released the Tempest Pack DLC for HTH the week before last.  And if you read some of the fan blogs out there you might have even read a review of it.

But if you're like millions of people out there and all you ever read was Gamespot or GamePro -- I doubt you'd know anything about the Tempest Pack.  You might not even know about Hydro Thunder Hurricane.  

Which means you'd be sad, because Hydro Thunder Hurricane and the Tempest Pack make smiles.

I guess I'm starting to see the value in having a real PR team working for you.  We've been trying to handle our own PR since the HTH launch, and it's a cold hard world out there.  As far as I can see, most larger sites don't spend the time to post separate reviews of DLC for smaller games.  Actually, many XBLA titles don't even get full reviews, period, so maybe I should count us lucky.  

Not much of a point here -- just griping.  And -- once again -- I need to mention my appreciation for all those smaller sites who've shown appreciation -- and taken the time to review -- both our game and our DLC.  Sniff.  We love you, man.