Hydro Thunder is bigger, better and more awesome than ever...and it's only on XBLA.

More than a mere "HD upgrade" of the classic game, Hydro Thunder Hurricane is full-featured sequel fans have been waiting for. With top-notch visuals, brand new over-the-top themed environments and dynamic water-based racing, Hydro Thunder is bigger, better and more awesome than ever...and it's only on XBLA.

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Roller coaster racing

Fun, arcadey, over-the-top racing in rich, beautifully themed, interactive environments

Adrenaline fueled physics

Dynamic water physics delivers intense moment-to-moment gameplay on ever-changing, gorgeously rendered, water-based tracks

Full featured experience

Classic racing and a variety of all new game modes with tons of hidden shortcuts, collectibles and unlockables

Multiplayer Mayhem

Compete with 8 players on Xbox LIVE or 4 player split screen in various multiplayer modes including the all new Rubber Ducky team mode



It’s fun to do just about anything in Hydro Thunder Hurricane because everything this game does it does well. The boats look good and handle well, the courses look even better and are a treat to race around, the three different event types are varied enough to keep things interesting, and the frame rate rarely falters—even when there are four of you playing split-screen in the superfast expert boats.
— Gamespot, Score: 8/10
There are many good things to be said about Vector Unit’s debut game, but let the first be this: it handles like butter. Hydro Thunder Hurricane’s a comeback for a much-loved series, a breezy and cheesy powerboat racer with an arcade heart, and a winning one.
— Edge, Score: 8/10
Hydro Thunder Hurricane is absolutely what we hoped it would be - a colourful, anarchic arcade racer. ... For a measly tenner, Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a steal.
— Official Xbox Magazine UK, Score: 9/10
The tracks are white-knuckle rides, brimming with their own personality, dynamic set pieces and particular challenges, not to mention a wealth of shortcuts.
— Joystiq, Score: 4/5
Online racing is a blast, especially when everyone fights for the same narrow shortcut. Fighting your way up the leader board is where the action really is for me, though. Mastering a track, and climbing up the board a few tenths at a time is hugely satisfying.
— NZGamer, Score: 9/10
Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a perfect throwback to the “high production” arcade games of yesteryear.
— GamePro, Score: 4/5