Android tablets take a bite out of iPad

We're pretty bullish on Android as a gaming platform these days, particularly with the announcement at CES this year of all the new graphically-supercharged tablets and phones coming out with Nvidia's Tegra 2 chipset.

Add to that momentum the report from CNet today that  Android tablets made huge gains against the iPad's market share in the fourth quarter of last year:

In the fourth quarter, Apple's tablet captured 75.3 percent of worldwide market share, easily besting Android-based devices' 21.6 percent share, according to market-research firm Strategy Analytics. However, those figures differ vastly from the third quarter when Apple had 95.5 percent share and Android had just 2.3 percent.

From 2.3 to 21.6 percent share in just 3 months?  That's pretty impressive.  If they can keep that momentum up, 2011 going to be a good year to be an Android developer.  

I'm not saying anything, just, you know...ahem.

Full article:  iPad loses significant share to Android tablets