Major RGP2 Update Adds New Game Mode & More!

This week Vector Unit is rolling out the first major new update to Riptide GP™2, and it's a doozy!  With version 1.1, players will be able to change the gender of their rider, unlock and race with a screaming fast new hydro jet, and pit their best times against the world in the new "VR Challenge" game mode.

VR Challenge is a new game mode that allows players to download and race against recordings of their Friends' best performances on any track in the game.  Every time you set a new best time, your performance gets uploaded for your Friends to race against.  It's the ultimate test of wave-shredding skill, and works best when you play against multiple friends from Game Center (iOS) or your Google+ Circles (Android).

In addition to VR Challenge, version 1.1 allows players to select between male and female riders.  The new female rider model has all the same great customization features -- and all the epic stunts -- of the original rider. 

And finally, the new update adds a new blazing fast hydro jet.  Fan favorite Scorpion makes its triumphant return from the first Riptide GP game, now retuned and totally remastered for Riptide GP2.  It's on a par with Manta, and excels in raw acceleration and boost.

Riptide GP2 version 1.1 will be available later this week on both Android and iOS.  

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