Ask Vector Unit Anything on Reddit, Thursday 7/18

The Vector Unit team will host an IAMA session on Reddit Thursday, July 18, at 12noon Pacific Time.  

For the first time anywhere we'll be announcing the official launch date for our upcoming game Riptide GP2!  We'll also answer your questions about the game, about our other games, about mobile and console game development, about the trials and tribulations of indie game development, about Android and iOS, about our favorite burritos, about ... well, really about anything.  All you have to do is show up and start asking!  

The offical Reddit names of the Vector Unit team hosting the AMA are:

  • VectorRalf (Ralf Knoesel)
  • VUMatt (Matt Small)
  • TimmUnit (Timm Sewell)
  • Zypherman (Matthew Bryant)

 The post will be from one of these accounts.  Accept no substitutes!

We'll update this with a link to the actual AMA post once it goes up.

See you there!