Shhhhhh...PlayStation Move is out

I heard this same conversation twice yesterday:

LAUREL:  Speaking of which, when is the PlayStation Move coming out?

HARDY:  Um, I think it's out already.  Isn't it?

Apparently Sony launched its PlayStation Move bundle three weeks ago, and....did anybody notice?  Not anybody in the press as far as I can tell.  No New York Times Technology feature.  No launch title lineups on the game websites.  Well, OK, IGN posted a review.  But that's about it.  That and a couple of blog posts.

Not exactly the full-court-press media blitz I was expecting.  And not really the kind of coverage a new system needs to pull in those coveted casual gamers.

Microsoft has said several times that they plan to treat the Kinect launch with as much fanfare as they would any new console system launch.  They certainly have an opportunity to capture mindshare in the media.  Here's hoping they don't fail to take it.