Special Halloween Events in BBR2


There’s a whole lot of Halloween love in the newest version of Beach Buggy Racing 2 (version 1.5). We’ve got special events, special new decals and paints, and a very special appearance from an old friend.

Mr. Happy Returns

This month marks the return of Mr. Happy, a character from Beach Buggy Blitz that many of you have asked us to bring back. Mr. Happy has a pumpkin head and a joker’s heart, and his special ability involves dropping nasty trick pumpkins along the track to foil his foes.

Mr. Happy is only available in the month of October. You can win him in 2 special tournaments, or buy him in the store during limited time sales. Win him before November 1, or he’ll vanish like a bowl of Halloween candy.

New Paints and Decals

We’ve added a new set of Midnight paints to the paint screen. These chameleon paints are dark and groovy, with just a touch of glowy color to give them a diabolical sheen.

There are also a few new decals, including the pumpkin patch design, a spooky moonlit castle with bats, and a ferocious Death Bat.


Limited Time Game Mode

For the month of October, Firework Fury races have been replaced with Scarecrow Slalom. Dodge and weave your way through the pumpkin patch, but don’t hit the scarecrows or you’ll be in for a nasty surprise.

Special Tournaments

Every weekend in October there will be special Halloween themed tournaments. You’ll have two chances to play as Mr. Happy, and the winners of those tournaments will unlock that exclusive Halloween character. There will also be tournaments where you can win Halloween paints and decals, and the Spookster hearse.

There is also one other big aspect to update 1.5 — brand new car balancing! See Ian’s blog piece on what to look for in the new car tuning.

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed making it!