Our Favorite RIPTIDE GP: RENEGADE Reviews

"Vector Unit has made yet another outstanding aquatic racer and anyone who enjoyed Wave Race or the Hydro Thunder franchise should give it a shot. It’s thrilling, controls like a dream and looks excellent." (4/5) - Hardcore Gamer

"Riptide GP Renegade delivers one of the best arcade racing experiences on iOS whether it’s on land, air, or sea making it a must have." (4.5/5) - AppleNApps

"This is easily the definitive game in the series." (4.5/5) - TouchArcade

"Gameplay and fun is the main reason why the game has such a high rating, the visual richness, high customization options and many multiplayer options are others reasons why Renegade is insanely good. " (90%) - Life Is Xbox

"With quick load times, top class racing and some epic stunts this racer has cranked up the action to deliver a perfect arcade racing experience. Vector Unit are turning into champions of the arcade water world." (8/10) - Punk and Lizard

"Riptide GP: Renegade boasts some fantastically gorgeous visuals for an indie racer. Everything is crystal clear with detailed environments, smooth animation, and beautiful water complete with stomach-churning waves." (8.1/10) - Video Chums 

"Riptide GP: Renegade is much more polished than its predecessor, Riptide GP2. Vector Unit notes that it’s the first game in the Riptide series that was developed from the ground up for consoles and PC, and it shows. The graphics look much better, the controls are tighter, the new drafting mechanic is useful and well-implemented, the framerate is smooth as silk,  and everything just feels more refined."  (4/5) - Inverted Access

"This game has local multiplayer, and OMG is it fun. I didn’t notice how much I missed playing local multiplayer with family and friends. The ability to taunt your opponent during and after a win is easily one to the biggest selling points to this game." - The Button Smashers

"Riptide GP Renegade feels like a divine little arcade racer, something this generation could use more of. While it’s not the best one in the genre, it’s a defining one, with plenty of modes, online leaderboards, flashy graphics, solid controls and unlockable goodies. This is one ride you’ll certainly want to take again and again – even if some of the waves might knock you for a loop." (8/10) - Marooners' Rock

"I just sh*t rainbows all over the game because I was so happy." - CJ, The SML Podcast

"If you've ever thought that they just don't make arcade racers like they used to, Renegade - and really, the whole Riptide series - is for you." - GamesRadar

"The racers have personality. They perform signature gestures. They’re more than just plastic characters sitting on top of beautiful futuristic jet-skis." - Kotaku


"By giving you a futuristic Jet Ski, twisted and hazard-filled courses, and simple controls, this arcade-style water racing game is beautiful to look at and tricky to play. For the most part, the game offers everything you'd want in a racing game, especially variety." (4/5) - Common Sense Media

"I WOULD GIVE IT A 9.5 [out of 10] ... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, It is one of my FAVORITE-EST FUN GAMES THIS YEAR." - Girl Tribe Gaming

"Overall, Riptide GP: Renegade is a genuine improvement upon the already excellent Riptide GP2 in a number of areas, therefore if you are a fan of arcade or water based racing games such as Hydro Thunder and most certainly if you appreciate split-screen or online multiplayer racing, then Riptide GP: Renegade is absolutely a highly recommended game." (4.5/5) - PSNStores

"The core racing is solid for sure, but the tracks are the real stars here. Whether it’s flooded, post-apocalyptic city ruins, futuristic cityscapes, a tropical amusement park, a military base, a space station, or a sunset wilderness locale during a forest fire, the tracks look spectacular, and are alive with activity. Hovercraft traffic buzzes overhead. Aircraft perform bombing runs while attack boats spray back anti-air fire. Fireworks burst overhead and light up the nighttime sky. Active amusement park rides like a Ferris wheel and rollercoaster add scenic motion. Space shuttles blast off, literally shaking the terrain and the screen. Airplanes fly over doing water drops to put out fires. There’s always something cool happening in the background to add richness and depth to the atmosphere, even if it’s merely little things like pumping pistons, sparking turbines, or schooling fish visible beneath the waves." (Buy It!) - VGBlogger 
"... one of the year's most enjoyable racing games."
"I was immediately blown away by not just the compelling world, but the level of confidence that exudes from this $15 download."
"The world Vector Unit has created feels real and lived in. Every one of the tracks could have been spun off into its own open-world action game."
"Riptide GP: Renegade is one of my favorite racing games of the year." - Defunct Games