Renegade goes cross-platform for online play (on Mobile)

We just released a whole slew of new Riptide GP: Renegade mobile updates, with one very important improvement -- you can now play friends around the world, no matter what mobile platform they're playing on.

The new updates allow players on Android phones and tablets, Apple iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Amazon Kindle Fires and Fire TVs to all play against one another in splash-tastic online battles.   We've also improved the multiplayer lobby to allow players to browse available games, and we updated the Gamertag display filters so you can see other people's names instead of anonymous "Player 1" tags.

Currently this cross-platform play only works for mobile players, but we're considering adding it to Steam and other platforms in the coming months.  The issue at this point is mostly that we need to get special permissions from Sony and Microsoft to allow this.  A Steam update could come sooner; we're soliciting feedback from Steam players to see if they actually want to open the platform up.

"Actually Free" on Underground

In addition to the multiplayer update, we've made Riptide GP: Renegade available for the first time on Amazon Underground.  Now Amazon players can play Riptide GP: Renegade for free with their Amazon account via Underground.  

Let's Race

Our goal with all these changes is to improve the multiplayer experience for Renegade on as many platforms as possible.  Renegade is a real blast with 8 players at the same time, and by improving the UI, and pooling together players from multiple platforms on the same servers, we hope that it will become a lot easier to find and connect with others to make these games a reality.

Please let us know what you think of the new improvements, and if you encounter any issues with connecting to online games, please let us know through our Support Page.