Playing Online Head-to-Head Beach Buggy Racing

ONLINE PLAY! Two PSN Friends using PS4 Share Play to play Beach Buggy Racing Online head-to-head!

ONLINE PLAY! Two PSN Friends using PS4 Share Play to play Beach Buggy Racing Online head-to-head!

Beach Buggy Racing was built for great couch-based multiplayer, and even though we didn’t provide online multiplayer support, you CAN still play one-on-one with a PSN Friend ONLINE provided you both have PlayStation®Plus and your friend doesn’t even need to own the game!

As of PS4 Update 2.00, all PS4 users have the option using Share Play, a screen and controller sharing system that Sony provides for free. To actually bring in a remote player as a second local controller, however, you (the host) and he (the visitor) both need to have PlayStation®Plus enabled for your PSN accounts.


Host:        Must have PlayStation®Plus and own Beach Buggy Racing

Visitor:    Must have PlayStation®Plus

Steps for creating a Share Play session for Beach Buggy Racing:



  1. Host launches Beach Buggy Racing.
  2. Host selects Splitscreen game mode, 2 player Splitscreen.
  3. Host presses the SHARE button on the controller and brings up the Share menu.
  4. Host selects Start Share Play
  5. The hosts Internet Speed is tested. You need a 2Mbps connection or better.
  6. Host is put into a new Party and can invite his PSN Friend.
  7. Host invites his PSN Friend to Join his Party, and the Share Play is started.
  8. Host waits at the Party menu for the Visitor to join.


  1. When the host complete Step 7 above, you will receive a Notification that you’ve been invited to a Share Play Party. “You received an invitation. Share Play in Party.”
  2. Accept the invitation, either by holding the PS button when the invitation pops up, by going to Notifications in the PS4’s system menus and selecting it and accepting.
  3. Select “Join” and wait for the Host’s screen to appear.


  1. Once the visitor has joined the party, the Host selects “Share Play” on the Party menu, and selects “Give Controller to Visitor.”
  2. Host selects “Play a Game Together”
  3. Once the connection is established, the Visitor is now behaving like a second controller on the Host’s system.

Host switches back to Beach Buggy Racing, and the splitscreen racing with the Visitor can begin!

Some Limitations:

  • The host and visitor have to be PSN friends.
  • The host and visitor have to be online.
  • The number of players who can use Share Play is 2.
  • Maximum length of one Share Play session is 60 minutes. When the session ends, you can restart Share Play immediately.
  • Only the host earns trophies.
  • Game saves will be saved only on the host’s PS4.

Sony’s Official Video Walkthrough of Share Play Setup