Holiday Buying Guide

Looking for a special gift for that Beach Buggy Fan in your life?  Or maybe you want to spread a little holiday cheer by getting your gamer pals the gift of Riptide GP!  

If you have a hankering to spread some Vector Unit love around this holiday season, we've got lots of options.  Here's how you can gift Vector Unit games and merchandise to those special people in your life!


Head on over to Amazon to browse the official Vector Unit Store.

There you'll find t-shirts based on your favorite Vector Unit games, with tons of different color options and sizes ranges from 3XL to little kids.  Be sure to order these early because it can take a week or so for the shirts to print!

You can also use Amazon to purchase game codes for Riptide GP2 for Steam PC.  After placing your order, the code is stored in Your Games and Software Library. From your library, you can view or print the code, send the code to your e-mail address, or e-mail it as a gift. 

You can also buy gift cards to put toward upgrades, tickets, and in-game currency! You can print them at home, or send them via e-mail.

ITunes App Store

As of this writing, the iTunes App Store is the only mobile appstore which allows you to gift a game code to somebody else.  Luckily, it's nice and easy!

Using the App Store, click on the down arrow where the price is listed. Select "Gift This App" and take it from there!

Beach Buggy Racing (free)

Riptide GP2 (see local store for price)

Beach Buggy Blitz (free)

Riptide GP (see local store for price)

Shine Runner (see local store for price)

You can also buy iTunes gift cards for in-game upgrades and currency! Send them via e-mail through

Google Play

You can't actually send a redeem code to somebody else in Google Play, but you can buy them gift cards, which can be used for buying premium games or in-game upgrades and currency!

Get Google Play Gift Cards here from the Play Store.

Windows Store

Windows Store also does not support gifting apps, but as with the other stores you can buy gift cards.  You can buy Gift Cards for the Windows Store here.

Steam (PC)

Steam is all about sales and codes and gifts and trading, so of course you can buy codes for Riptide GP2 on Steam (PC) and gift them to your friends!

On Steam, you can add Riptide GP2 to your cart, then select Purchase as a gift.  Follow the instructions from there!

Got a bunch of friends?  Save 25% when you buy the Riptide GP2 4-Pack, and give each code to a different friend!