The Watercraft Video Game World Championship 2015

We just got back from the IJSBA Watercraft Video Game World Championships where hopefuls competed against other racers in Riptide GP2.

The Video Game World Championships were part of the 2015 IJSBA World Finals at Lake Havasu where jet ski racers and freestylers gather from around the world to compete.  And right alongside those real-life daredevils we had contestants from Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, and more playing Riptide GP2 (on the Xbox One).  Qualifying rounds were held on Saturday and Sunday. Players would gather in groups of four with the top player advancing to the finals on Sunday.

While many of the competitors had been longtime fans of the Riptide GP games, there were a few new players advancing into the finals. The finalists ranged in age and included players who had traveled from as far away as Denmark. The final four were decided by a bracket system, and by the championship round there had already been tears of joy and disappointment.

Because this was an official IJSBA competition, the winners were awarded the same trophies that competitors on the water earned.

When we weren’t running the Video Game World Championships we were checking out the other races and freestyle competitions. There were a variety of water crafts, we even saw Fly Boarders (if you’re not familiar, here is a video from a user who as not at the IJSBA World Finals).

IRL water-sports are amazing to watch -- but for now, we'll stick to playing Riptide GP!