Riptide GP2's Phat Beats

One of the signatures of the Riptide GP series is a cool electronic soundtrack, and Riptide GP2 is no exception.  With the sequel we took things in a more dub-steppy direction, but still kept a few chill/trance tracks in there to help you relax when you're striving for those 3 stars.

We often get requests for the soundtrack, and unfortunately we can't actually give the music away or re-sell it.  For Riptide GP2 we licensed all of our music, which means we can distribute it in-game but not in any other form.

However, if you love the tunes and want to try buying them yourself, here's a list of the tracks in the game:

  1. [Menu music] Launching and Landing (by Michael Musco) 
  2. When Angels Fall (Stefan Bode) 
  3. Atari Euphoria (by Paul Wilki) 
  4. Uplifting Vocal Trance (by Caramusic) 
  5. Zero Gravity (by Crispy Sound) 
  6. Astronaut (by Vincent Tone)

We licensed these from a variety of online sites like,,, and