Riptide GP™2 Arrives for Windows 8.1

Now you can carve the waves on your desktop or tablet PC!  Riptide GP™2 has splashed onto the Windows Store, in all its water-soaked glory.

RGP2 is cool on tablets, and it's sweet on phones.  But you haven't really experienced it until you've experienced it on the big screen running at a rock-solid framerate in super high resolution!

The Windows 8.1 version uses your Google+ login to connect you to your friends, earn Achievements, and post to Leaderboards.  You can also compete against recordings of your friends' best races in the VR Challenge mode!

Another nice thing about the Windows Store version is you can seamlessly switch between gamepad, keyboard, touch screen, and tilt control methods (depending on what your device supports.)

Please note that you need to have upgraded your device to Windows 8.1 to get the game!