Riptide GP - Now with Gamepads!

The #1 console-quality racing experience on Android just got a little more console-y.

The latest update to Riptide GP (version 1.1) adds support for Bluetooth and USB gamepads.  Now you can kick back on the couch, crack open an ice-cold beverage of choice, shove your hand into a bowl of buttery popcorn and play Riptide GP without getting crumbs all over your shiny new Thrive or Photon 4G.

Bluetooth controllers can be paired with your device, and are supported on all Tegra phones and tablets.  USB controllers require that you have Android 3.1 or higher (currently this means it's only supported on tablets.)

For the best possible experience, hook up your device to your TV with HDMI too.  Now you really can have console-quality gaming on your mobile device -- only better, because when you need to hit the road, you can just unplug it and take it on the road with you.

For more information about configuring your device, check out the Riptide GP Gamepad FAQ.