GDC: We Out

Well GDC is winding down and it's been a really great week.

I gave my presentation this morning on game startup advice, and I think it went pretty well.  Didn't barf or flip out so that's good at least.  And got some really good, really specific questions from the audience afterwards.  

Feels good to get that out of the way because it was definitely taking up a lot of my brain space over the last week or so.

Now that the presentation's done, I feel like I can finally look around and take stock of the week.  It's been pretty productive, lots of great meetings and all -- but my favorite part of GDC is always the chance meetings, running into people on the sidwalk that you haven't seen in 5 years and catching up.  Always reinforces what a small industry we all work in.  And what a vital one -- the energy, the vibe around GDC is great.   There's something I love about walking around downtown SF and seeing it overrun with OUR PEOPLE. 

Now just a few more meeting and we're out.  Looking forward to relaxing this weekend.  And not practicing my speech in my sleep.