Riptide GP details stunting mechanic in Pocket Gamer preview

Our friends over at Pocket Gamer UK have run a preview of Riptide GP that offers some tantalizing new details about the game and a couple of exclusive new screenshots.

The biggest new announcement about Riptide GP's gameplay is stunting as a core part of the game mechanic.  Here's how it works:

Every race track in Riptide GP features lots of opportunities for grabbing huge air.  Not just ramps, but massive rolling waves that -- if you catch them just right -- vault you high above the track.  When you're in the air, you can use swipe gestures on the tablet or phone screen to pull off tricks like Superman, Can-Can, flips and tabletops.  Pull the trick off successfully before landing and you earn boost.  Splash into the water mid-trick and...well, the results are painful.

Check out the Pocket Gamer article for more info and screenshots!