"Art of Video Games" coming to Smithsonian

The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC will feature a special exhibit called "The Art of Video Games", opening to the public on March 16, 2012.  

I know, it's a long time away.  But you can participate in the selection process today -- they have open voting on which games should be showcased at the exibit at the website www.artofvideogames.org.

Unfortunately you can't nominate games for voting -- you have to vote from the selection they offer.  I'm sure any self-respecting gamer will find a few favored titles that should be on the list but aren't.  The omission of PC games pre-1995 is pretty puzzling.  And there are some serious head-scratchers in there (ET the Extraterrestrial?  Really?  No, wait....  Really?)

But overall the selection is pretty decent, considering it's been compiled by a bunch of museum curators.  Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Shenmue, plus some very old faves (Shadowgate, Gunstar Heroes). 

So vote up people!  This is too important to leave to the noobs.

Source article:  Smithsonian to Feature Video Game History

[Thanks to Steve M for the tip!]