We Have a Winner (or Two!)

Vector Unit is pleased to announce the winners of the Hydro Thunder Hurricane Design-A-Skin Video Contest:  Adam DeLoach and Brian Atkinson.

Adam's entry won with the most views on YouTube at the contest close.  He really went the extra mile by cannonballing into a swimming pool with his HTH shout-out.  His striped-eel skin design will appear as an option for Rad Hazard in the upcoming DLC pack.

For our hand-picked winner, the choice was difficult.  We received a lot of creative and enthusiastic entries, but we particularly liked the one-two punch of Brian's echo-chamber shout-out and his cool sounding skin idea.  We'll be adding his winged dragon design for Banshee in the DLC.

Bonus Prizes!

We are truly impressed with the time and energy Hydro Thunder fans put into this, and to show our appreciation we are extending the bonus prize and awarding a free copy of the upcoming DLC to every one of you who submitted an entry.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who entered!  We'll see you on the water!