Nexus 7 Commercial Features Riptide GP2

Check out the latest Nexus 7 commercial from Google, which features some sweet Riptide GP2 action right at the start!  Spoiler alert:  We're really glad the dog doesn't die.

Thanks Patricia Correa @patcorrea10 for the share!



Major RGP2 Update Adds New Game Mode & More!

This week Vector Unit is rolling out the first major new update to Riptide GP™2, and it's a doozy!  With version 1.1, players will be able to change the gender of their rider, unlock and race with a screaming fast new hydro jet, and pit their best times against the world in the new "VR Challenge" game mode.

VR Challenge is a new game mode that allows players to download and race against recordings of their Friends' best performances on any track in the game.  Every time you set a new best time, your performance gets uploaded for your Friends to race against.  It's the ultimate test of wave-shredding skill, and works best when you play against multiple friends from Game Center (iOS) or your Google+ Circles (Android).

In addition to VR Challenge, version 1.1 allows players to select between male and female riders.  The new female rider model has all the same great customization features -- and all the epic stunts -- of the original rider. 

And finally, the new update adds a new blazing fast hydro jet.  Fan favorite Scorpion makes its triumphant return from the first Riptide GP game, now retuned and totally remastered for Riptide GP2.  It's on a par with Manta, and excels in raw acceleration and boost.

Riptide GP2 version 1.1 will be available later this week on both Android and iOS.  

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Riptide GP2 Is Out and the Votes are In!

Vector Unit's latest game Riptide GP2 has been released for both iOS and Android.  The team here is excited, relieved, and really gratified that the customer reception has been so great.  As of this writing the average reviews on both platforms are hovering somewhere around 4.75/5.  Thanks everyone!

In addition, the critical reviews have been great!

Here's just a few comments from critics around the web:

Riptide GP2 is an excellent water racer that looks as good as it plays. With online multiplayer, upgrades, and several tracks on different worlds, it has a ton of replay value.

CNet, 5/5 (Full Review)

Riptide GP was a great game... the improvements and additions made by Vector Unit have turned Riptide GP2 into a full-fledged excellent racing game.

Touch Arcade, 4.5/5 (Full Review)

Riptide GP2 is...a fantastic upgrade over Riptide GP and is worthy of its asking price. It'll keep players entertained for hours while splashing around tracks, pulling off mega stunts, and earning enough money and upgrades to improve their ride.

148apps, 4/5 (Full Review)

At $3, this game is worth the asking price for the Career Mode alone. The multiplayer mode is the sweetest of cherries on the top, and it’s safe to say that I’m in love with the game

Phandroid (Full Review)

Thanks to everyone for supporting our new game!  See you online!


Riptide GP2 release dates announced

So it's official, Riptide GP2 is coming to Android and iOS devices around the world NEXT WEEK!

The game will be released for Android in the Google Play Store on Tuesday, July 23.  

The iOS version will follow shortly thereafter in the iTunes App Store on Thursday, July 25

The new game features online multi-player, all new tracks and hydro jets, a new career mode, customizable vehicles, and a totally revamped stunt system!


Ask Vector Unit Anything on Reddit, Thursday 7/18

The Vector Unit team will host an IAMA session on Reddit Thursday, July 18, at 12noon Pacific Time.  

For the first time anywhere we'll be announcing the official launch date for our upcoming game Riptide GP2!  We'll also answer your questions about the game, about our other games, about mobile and console game development, about the trials and tribulations of indie game development, about Android and iOS, about our favorite burritos, about ... well, really about anything.  All you have to do is show up and start asking!  

The offical Reddit names of the Vector Unit team hosting the AMA are:

  • VectorRalf (Ralf Knoesel)
  • VUMatt (Matt Small)
  • TimmUnit (Timm Sewell)
  • Zypherman (Matthew Bryant)

 The post will be from one of these accounts.  Accept no substitutes!

We'll update this with a link to the actual AMA post once it goes up.

See you there!

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