Humble Mobile Bundle 4...Now with More Riptide GP2!

We here at Vector Unit love us some Humble Bundle.  Pay what you want for great games, and a bunch of the money goes to charity!

And we are very pleased to announce that Riptide GP2 is one of the games included in the newest Humble Mobile Bundle for Android!  Humble Mobile Bundle 4 features six unbeatable games:  Pay what you want to receive the legendary strategy game Catan, the free-running parkour-inspired chaser Vector, the stunt-filled hydro jet racing game Riptide GP2 and the apocalyptic sharp-shooter Zombie Gunship. If you pay more than the average, you'll also get to experience the atmospheric side-scroller action adventure game, BADLAND and form your squad in the advanced tactical combat of Breach & Clear.

Use the widget at the top of this post to buy your copy of Humble Mobile Bundle 4 today!  No, seriously, don't wait too long -- the Bundle is only available until March 18, 2014!


Riptide GP2 Coming to Steam March 7

Vector Unit is excited to announce the Steam Powered edition of our flagship racing game, Riptide GP2, will be available on Steam March 7! 

This is the most polished, feature-rich version of Riptide GP2 currently available on any platform. It's got the full career mode with a brand new, never before played "All Star" series. It's got support for 6-player online MP. It's got split screen MP for up to 4 players. Ghost racing. Trading cards. The list goes on, and I haven't even mentioned the improved visuals and screaming-fast framerates!

Check out the  Riptide GP2 on Steam homepage for screen shots and other details.  



Beach Buggy Blitz Bonanza Giveaway

I have good news and bad news.

First, the bad news:  Apple has asked us to remove the "Redeem Code" feature from Beach Buggy Blitz, which means we won't be able to give away coin pack codes to iPhone and iPad players in the future.  Oh No's!

Now the good news!  We decided to have one last massive prize blowout before the iOS update comes through, and give away 40 coin pack codes to our fans!  Plus, oh yeah:  20 Beach Buggy Blitz T-Shirts*!  This is our biggest giveaway yet, and all you have to do is enter below! 

This contest and the codes are valid for EVERYONE:  iOS, Android, BlackBerry10, everyone!

Giveaway starts at midnight tonight, and ends on February 25, 2014, at 11:59 pm PST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*T-Shirts will be awarded to US residents only. Non-US residents are still eligible to receive codes for in-app purchases. See "Terms and Conditions" for details.


Vote for Riptide GP2 in Best App Ever FTW!

Oh the joys!  Riptide GP2 has been nominated as "Best Racing Game" on iOS in this year's Best App Ever Awards!  

If you're reading this, we're just going to go ahead and assume you agree with us that Riptide GP2 actually IS the best racing game on iOS for 2013.  I mean, think about it?  Can you bust out a death-defying Mad Monkey in Asphalt 8?  No, sir, you can not.

So please click on this handy link and vote for Riptide GP2!

Vote for Riptide GP2 for Best Racing Game

And while you're at it, nominations for the Android part of the competition are open as well.  Click this button to nominate Riptide GP2 as one of the Best Racing Games of 2013 on Android!

Nominate Riptide GP2 for Best Racing Game

For more information about the Best App Ever Awards, read the words on this page.

Riptide GP2 is in the App Store's "Best of 2013"

We are thrilled to announce that Riptide GP2 has been selected as one of the App Store's Best of 2013!

Riptide GP2 launched in July of this year, and has been a fan favorite ever since.  The new upgrade and career system, online multi-player and VR Challenge mode have helped earn an average rating over 4.5/5 stars in the App Store.

The App Store published their Best of 2013 list today. In the US, Riptide GP2 is in the "Racing Redefined" section, alongside such company as Asphalt 8, Angry Birds GO! and just a few other titles you may have heard of.  In other countries we're listed in other locations.  See below for the full list.

There have been literally thousands of new racing games this year, and to be selected and featured in this kind of company is pretty amazing. Check out the full list of games here in the App Store's Best of 2013 list here.

Of course, if you haven't already played it, what are you waiting for?  Now's a great time to download Riptide GP2 for iPhone and iPad!

Here's the full list of the countries and categories where Riptide GP2 is listed in the App Store's Best of 2013:


  • La reinvención de las carreras AR iPhone
  • Racing Redefined AU iPhone
  • Racing Redefined AU iPad
  • Corridas redefinidas BR iPhone
  • Corridas redefinidas BR iPad
  • Racing Redefined CA iPhone
  • Racing Redefined CA iPad
  • 新概念赛车游戏 CN iPad
  • 新概念赛车游戏 CN iPhone
  • La reinvención de las carreras ES iPhone
  • La reinvención de las carreras ES iPhone
  • Great Multiplayer HK iPad
  • Great Multiplayer HK iPhone
  • Great Multiplayer ID iPhone
  • Great Multiplayer ID iPad
  • Racing Redefined IN iPhone
  • Racing Redefined IN iPad
  • 再定義されたレースゲーム JP iPhone
  • 再定義されたレースゲーム JP iPad
  • 레이싱 게임의 진수 KR iPad
  • 레이싱 게임의 진수 KR iPhone
  • La reinvención de las carreras MX iPhone
  • Racing Redefined NZ iPhone
  • Racing Redefined NZ iPad
  • Новое поколение гоночных игр RU iPad
  • Новое поколение гоночных игр RU iPhone
  • Great Multiplayer SG iPhone
  • Great Multiplayer SG iPad
  • Great Multiplayer TH iPad
  • Great Multiplayer TH iPhone
  • Yeniden Tanımlanan Yarış TR iPad
  • Yeniden Tanımlanan Yarış TR iPhone
  • Great Multiplayer TW iPad
  • Great Multiplayer TW iPhone
  • Racing Redefined US iPad
  • Racing Redefined US iPhone
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