Riptide GP - Now with Gamepads!

The #1 console-quality racing experience on Android just got a little more console-y.

The latest update to Riptide GP (version 1.1) adds support for Bluetooth and USB gamepads.  Now you can kick back on the couch, crack open an ice-cold beverage of choice, shove your hand into a bowl of buttery popcorn and play Riptide GP without getting crumbs all over your shiny new Thrive or Photon 4G.

Bluetooth controllers can be paired with your device, and are supported on all Tegra phones and tablets.  USB controllers require that you have Android 3.1 or higher (currently this means it's only supported on tablets.)

For the best possible experience, hook up your device to your TV with HDMI too.  Now you really can have console-quality gaming on your mobile device -- only better, because when you need to hit the road, you can just unplug it and take it on the road with you.

For more information about configuring your device, check out the Riptide GP Gamepad FAQ.


Riptide GP in print

The September 2011 issue of GamePro magazine features Riptide GP on page 85, under the heading "What's a Blast on Public Transit".

Reviewer Will Herring writes:

I'm generally pretty faithful to my iPhone, but playing this impressively rendered racer on an office-owned Android made me, admittedly, just a little bit jealous that it hasn't hit the iTunes App Store yet.

We're glad to hear you liked it, Will.  And don't worry -- your iPhone may not have long to wait.  Stay tuned!

Click for a scanned version of the article. 


Ralf Knoesel on developing games for Android

You may recall the Vector Unit team exhibited our new game Riptide GP at Google I/O back in May.  During the conference, the Google I/O team interviewed Technical Director and Lead Programmer Ralf Knoesel about developing high-performance games for Android.  

The short video gives you a little insight into what it's like these days making games for mobile platforms, and shows off some gameplay footage of Riptide GP.


Kotaku Like

The good folks at Kotaku (Mike Fahey specificially) just reviewed Riptide GP, and gave the game an emphatic thumbs-up, naming it their Gaming App of the Day:

I had no idea the sort of juice these Tegra 2-powered devices could pump out. The age of console-quality Android gaming is upon us, and Riptide GP is one hell of a good start.

Check out the full article here:  Riptide GP Rips Android Gamers a Console Quality Racer



T-Mobile to show Riptide GP at E3 2011

T-Mobile will be showcasing Riptide GP (along with some other games you don't have to pay any attention to) in their booth at E3 2011.

From what we hear, their booth is going to be set up like a 50's diner, and you can take a load off and relax in a comfy booth while they ply you with smoothies to drink and games to play.  The booth is number 1447, and is near the center aisle, towards the back of South Hall.

If you're in town for E3, be sure to come by!  Ralf and I will be stopping in from time to time, particularly on Wednesday afternoon.