GameFanatics is fanatic about Riptide GP


GameFanatics has designated Riptide GP one of their "Top Honeycomb Apps for Android Gamers".

This game is incredible, down to the most minute water droplet, and with great gameplay and easy controls Riptide GP earns nothing but praise from me. You’d expect a game with such great graphics and intricate physics to have a few hiccups but I had nothing but a buttery smooth experience. If you own an Android tablet, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not downloading Riptide GP.

Thanks, GameFanatics!

You can check out the full article with all their recommendations by clicking on this magical hyperlink.


NVIDIA features Riptide GP Tegra 3 update

The good folks at NVIDIA have released a developer video featuring the latest and greatest Tegra 3 enhanced games, including the latest update of Riptide GP!


Gamestop shipping Riptide GP on tablets

Video game mega-chain Gamestop has started selling Android tablets in a select group of stores around the country this holiday season.  The tablets come pre-installed with a hand-picked selection of games, and guess who's on the list?

Riptide GP will be preinstalled on thousands of Gamestop tablets and playable in demo stations at over 200 stores around the country (including Powell St in San Francisco).  We're in pretty elite company, too:  the other games in the lineup are Dead Space, Monster Madness, Sonic CD, and Re-Load.  That's a pretty package of gaming goodness right there.

The other thing Gamestop is rolling out that we're pretty excited about is a bluetooth gamepad, for $39.  One of the great things about Android is you can easily connect a gamepad via Bluetooth or USB; prop your tablet up on the table or connect it via HDMI to your TV, and you've got yourself a game console that travels.  The problem's been that decent Bluetooth gamepads are hard to find -- hopefully the Gamestop intiative will change all that, and encourage more developers to add gamepad support to their games!

More info on the Gamestop deal can be found here, in this article on Inquisitir.


OpenFeint gives thumbs-up to Riptide GP

Social gaming network OpenFeint has named Riptide GP it's Featured Game for the weekend!

We love OpenFeint, because we're addicted to Achievements and to dominating Leaderboards, and we've got it deeply integrated into Riptide GP.  Not only can you bump up your points with funky Achievements and rank yourself against the best players in the world, but you can also race against your Friends' best times in-game.  

Now that Riptide GP is available for multiple Android devices, iPhone, and iPad, OpenFeint has graciously featured us on their home page, both in a banner up top and as a Featured Game.

Thanks, OpenFeint!  

Link to OpenFeint site.

Riptide GP page on OpenFeint.


Riptide GP Splashes on to iOS and Android This Month

San Rafael, CA – October 6, 2011 — Indie game developer Vector Unit is proud to announce that their critically acclaimed water racing game Riptide GP™, previously an NVIDIA® Tegra™ exclusive, will be released for iPhone, iPad, and high-end Android devices in late October 2011. 

Riptide GP is a speed-infused arcade racing experience featuring realistic, physics-based waves and stunning visuals, ushering in a new era of console-quality titles on mobile devices.  

“We’ve taken all of our console game experience, passion for games, and our proprietary Vector Engine,” said Matt Small, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Vector Unit, “and jammed every ounce of it into Riptide GP to create a big, exciting, over the top 3D racing extravaganza for mobile players.” 

Players stunt, boost and rocket their hydro jets through twisting canals and rivers, futuristic cityscapes, and mysterious research facilities over an ever-changing torrent of unpredictable and undulating water.

Riptide GP goes wide end of October 2011.