See anything you like?

If you're like us, you head over to the Nvidia site every now and then to check out the latest and greatest news about Tegra and all the other sweet graphics magic that comes outta that place.  Or maybe you're not like us at all.  

In any case, we were pretty excited when we stopped by Nvidia's home page yesterday and noticed a screenshot for a certain futuristic Supercross-on-water game prominently displayed on their Tegra banner.  

Mm... tasty.  I can't wait for that game to come out.  I wish those guys making it would get a move on and finish the damn thing.



Vector Unit unveils Riptide GP at Mobile World Congress

Game developer bringing console-class water racing to Tegra 2 powered tablets and phones

San Rafael, CA – February 15, 2011.  One of the new Android games optimized for the NVIDIA® Tegra 2 making waves at Mobile World Congress this year is futuristic water-racer Riptide GPTM, the newest title to come out of independent studio Vector UnitTM, developers of Hydro ThunderTM Hurricane for Xbox LIVE® Arcade.

Set against the backdrop of a futuristic Earth, Riptide GP features daredevil watercyclists rocketing through canals and rivers across a dynamic, ever changing surface of glittering water. Riders jump each others wakes and catch huge air off rolling waves as they battle to be first across the finish line. It's Supercross on water, played out on twisting, undulating waterpark racetracks.

The developers at Vector Unit are no strangers to the technical demands and gameplay opportunities of water racing games. Their previous title, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, a sequel to the Midway Games arcade classic, was released last year as part of Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Summer of Arcade and featured gorgeous water visuals and a sophisticated hydrodynamic simulation.

“The thing that's great about racing on water is that the track is always changing,” says Technical Director Ralf Knoesel, the man behind the team's procedural water. “It's not like racing on a static road where every lap is completely predictable. When you're riding over huge swells of ocean waves you have to make decisions about when to carve through a trough or jump a crest – all while battling the other riders for the best line.”

When asked about bringing their next-gen technology to the Tegra 2 platform, Knoesel is enthusiastic. “Until recently it just wasn't possible to create the kind of game we wanted to make on a phone or a tablet. With Tegra 2, we've been able to create a racing experience that combines sophisticated physics simulations with console-class visuals.”

Riptide GP is being developed by Vector Unit in partnership with Flashman Capital LLC.

Prepare to rev up your watercycle and shred the waves Summer 2011.


New game will be announced Tuesday!

Comin' up, pipin' hot and fresh from the ovens!  Vector Unit will unveil its latest game next week, on Tuesday February 15.  

We can't say much about it just yet.  But we can give you some hints:  It's not another Hydro Thunder game.  It is another racing game.  It takes place in the future.  You can put it in your knapsack.  You can also play it on your TV.  It is not un-awesome.  And...let's see....oh, I know, it involves robots, but there aren't any robots in the game.

We've been working our socks off on this for a while, and we're really excited to finally be able to show it off and tell people about it.  

Check back Tuesday for more info and, of course, pretty pretty screenshots.


Get Hydro Thunder Hurricane for 800 points

Hey we realize times are tough, and not everybody has $15 lying around to spend on a totally awesome and completely worth it rocket-powered speedboat game with thrilling waterfall jumps and technologically amazing water physics.

Well, if money is the one thing that's been holding you back from buying Hydro Thunder Hurricane, now's your chance to stop crying about it and break out the virtual wallet.

As Major Nelson has reported, Hurricane will be discounted 33% to 800 points during the week of January 31st.

The discount is part of a "Get Wet!" promotion that also features Hydrophobia and Aqua.  


Game with the developers, February 7!

So you think you got skills because you beat some chumps playing Hydro Thunder Hurricane online?  Test those skills against the people who made the game!  

Vector Unit will host a Game with Developers event on Xbox LIVE, February 7 from 6-8pm PST.  Look for us online during those hours and join in the mayhem!  We'll be playing on all tracks including the Tempest Pack, so be sure to download the full version of the DLC if you want to join us.

We'll post more details as the date draws closer.  Check back for more info!